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September 03, 2009


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Great post, Sean. Wouldn't you say the reason Social Media is so vital to PR is that it allows us as PR professionals to interact with the public on a whole new, personal level. It's an amazing tool that all PR and marketing professionals should be embracing because now we have the opportunity to be involved in the conversation on a daily basis. I love when you say "But even more important, because only hindsight is 20-20, is for businesses to open up their channels of communication TODAY instead of waiting for the disaster to strike." - so true. I think it's very cool to think about how major case studies like this would have been handled had it happened in the world of social media. Thanks!

Thanks, Christina! I get a lot of questions about why social media is really important... like, "I know I have to be doing it because everyone else is, but what's the point?" You're right - it's being able to connect with your customers on a whole new level, and what to do with that connection.

Thanks for the comment! Have a great weekend!

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